Six Tips For Creating The Perfect Vacation Home

Looking to improve your vacation home? We will go over Six Tips For Creating The Perfect Vacation home!

In the age of Airbnb, the appeal of vacation homes are better than ever as they offer a competitive alternative to hotels and extended stays. Vacation homes can be more comforting than hotels as they offer a private and familiar place to stay during a vacation. When considering a remodel to your Vacation Home there are many factors to take into consideration. We will go over the most important tips to improving either your stay or a guest’s stay in your Vacation Home.

The best vacation home renovation value: Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Bedrooms and bathrooms are the most commonly renovated areas in a vacation home, for good reason! They are what will make the vacation home much more enjoyable and increase the quality of the home. Bedrooms are important to ensuring a quiet and relaxing place to wind down or sleep after a long day of adventuring. Ensure you have enough bathrooms for all guests, if the home is short on bathrooms then consider adding another to avoid long mornings getting ready or waiting for it to open up at night. Learn more about American Construction and Renovation Bathroom Remodeling.


Pay attention to the little details

The little details are important, especially the quirky ones! The last thing you want to deal with when vacationing is small annoyances that distract from relaxation. Check for proper operation of all toilets, faucets, doors and appliances.  These small issues can quickly become a big issue especially on a vacation home that isn’t frequented regularly. A leaky toilet can smell or make a mess, one that continuously runs wastes water and can be a sound annoyance. A misaligned aligned door can be a pain when trying to enter or exit a home, ensure your doors are in good order.


Convenience and Comfortability

A vacation home should be a place to get away, ease of use and relaxation should be a high priority when thinking of a remodel. Natural lighting, open living spaces and inviting colors all promote a great relaxing vibe for any vacation home. Ease of movement and accessibility to bathrooms make the home more enjoyable to stay in.


Modern and Energy Efficient Amenities

While high tech amenities may be appealing, they can be an annoyance when trying to relax and decompress on vacation.  Choose simple but effective technology such as energy efficient lighting, smart thermostats, modern appliances and a wireless home network. These modern technologies will enable you to limit energy use when the home is empty, allow you to prepare the home for your arrival and monitor it while you’re away.


Durable Construction Materials

When renovating a home for vacation home use, whether you are staying yourself or renting it out, it is important to ensure high durability of the home. The last thing you want to worry about is a repair on your vacation home when it is time to relax! Paying a little extra for the quartz countertops, tile or wood floors will pay off for the longevity of the home. A few commonly overlooked items are sinks, showers and toilets, these can quickly become a maintenance nightmare if low cost items are used. Learn more about American Construction and Renovation Flooring Upgrades.


Expandable Sleeping Spaces

A vacation home can quickly become host to a full fledged family get together. It is forward thinking to include easily expandable living spaces to accommodate additional guests. Think about converting bedrooms into bunk rooms and turning lofts into small living spaces. Bunk rooms can also be a fun place for children to play while adults relax in the living room. Pull out couches and murphy beds are excellent means of having expandable sleeping areas while minimizing their footprint in the home.


We hope these Six Tips To Creating The Perfect Vacation Home help you during your Vacation Home remodel. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a Vacation Home remodel please feel free to Contact Us.

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