Kitchen Remodel Planning

Kitchen Remodel Planning

A kitchen remodel can be one of the most rewarding home improvements areas from a usability standpoint as well as return on investment (ROI).  As a consumer, you may feel overwhelmed with the endless kitchen remodel planning regarding materials, appliances, layouts, lighting, etc.  There are several areas you should focus your efforts on to ensure your contractor is receiving your vision, and in-turn, implementing the vision.

Kitchen Remodel Planning shouldn’t be all about “the trends of the year”

Start the kitchen remodel planning process by asking yourself ‘why’ you need or want to upgrade your kitchen.  If it is for usability, then focus on what you really want in the kitchen to make your daily activity function to a higher degree.  If it is for ROI, then focus on what is going to get the most ‘bang for the buck’ on resale or leasing.  Now, we recommend that whatever the reason, you should culminate both of the above aspects simply because you never know when you may decide to sell/lease, so investing your money wisely will prevent the need for unexpected changes in the future.

Invest your money where it counts

Investing your money into quality cabinetry, floors, counters, and appliances is a good start.  Choosing materials of low grade, may be aesthetically pleasing, yet they will require replacement much sooner than materials of quality craftsmanship.  That being said, discuss the overall goals of the kitchen with your contractor and allow them to make suggestions regarding what manufacture of materials they use, what longevity they’re seeing from said materials, and what materials to avoid.  Your contractor does this for a living, take their advice to save you headache on the back-end.

Do not outspend the limits of the home

What this means is, take into account the type of home you live in, the neighborhood, and style of the homes.  If you live in a $300k home within a subdivision of comparable style/value, then it may not be wise to invest $75k in kitchen upgrades when comparable homes are still selling in the same range.  Invest your money to achieve the usability, style, and ROI on the property, you will enjoy the kitchen much more than if you decided to overspend fretting about the possibility of recouping such a large investment.

Use the style of your home as basis to design your kitchen

As mentioned above, there are many styles of kitchens to choose from.  Some individuals are dead-set on a specific design and are willing to implement regardless of how it fits the theme of their home.  We recommend that you follow a similar style to your home when designing the kitchen.  If you live in a more modern home, stick with a contemporary, shaker style cabinet with a quartz countertop.  Add contrast by using white cabinets throughout and gray cabinets for the island or white cabinets in the kitchen, and gray cabinets in the bathroom vanity.  Adding flavor to the design theme while keeping within a conservative style parameter, is a great way to rehabilitate a space that you can enjoy for years to come, not months.

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