Contractor Client Relationships

Contractor Client Relationships

Finding a Contractor with great Contractor Client Relationships to ensure a successful project

When planning a home improvement project, one of the most crucial decisions for homeowners is deciding which contractor to use.  We’ve all heard the horror stories regarding contractors walking-off the job, failing to come in on budget, and producing poor quality craftsmanship that leads to headache down the road.  Doing your research to find a contractor with good contractor client relationships can dramatically improve your chances of success and create a healthy work environment for both the contractor, and yourself.

We encourage all our clients to do their research when beginning a home renovation project.  Receiving multiple bids on your project can sometimes be a good starting point simply because it allows for creative input on multiple levels and it offers an early indication regarding contractor client relationships.  If you ask a contractor to bid your job, you expect them to show up on time, look professional, and be prepared to answer questions.  If you see anything other than this (or lack thereof), it should immediately prompt a red-flag.  Next, you should expect your contractor to follow-up with a bid (depending upon the size of the job) within a reasonable time frame i.e. less than one week.  Some larger jobs may take longer if permitting, custom materials, etc. are required however your contractor should keep you informed along the way regardless.  On the flipside, it is the responsibility of the client to keep the contractor informed of any change order requests, design alterations, and personal scheduling changes that could potentially sidetrack the contractors scheduled completion.  Often times, contractors schedule sub-contractors to fulfill trade work, any time the client makes requests for change, keep in mind this may impact the scheduling set in place by your contractor, ultimately impacting your bottom-line.  Your contractor is in place to ensure the job gets done right, on-time, and to standard, keep this in mind and do your due diligence to ensure your investment is protected.

Finally, when hiring a contractor to manage your project, ask around, seek references, and check social media review outlets.  You won’t find all the answers, but you’d be surprised at how revealing a simple quality check will be.  Also, find a contractor that suits your style; if you like trendy, modern designs, find a contractor that completes jobs of similar grade, if you prefer traditional styling cues, find a contractor that predominantly specializes in traditional craftsmanship.  You should feel comfortable communicating with your contractor, but keep in mind, it is not their job to be your friend, think of them as a project manager you would hire at your place of work, you are paying them to get the job done correctly, within budget, and on-time.

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