Scottsdale Smart Home

Is a Smart Home really worth all of the hype they receive? Yes, they can increase the value and appeal of any home! But where do you start when planning your Scottsdale Smart Home renovations?


What renovations should you choose for a Scottsdale Smart Home?

Don’t be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless options when outfitting a smart home! We will give you the best insight for outfitting your Scottsdale Smart Home!


A Scottsdale Smart Home featuring a new smoke detector

Alarm Systems & Locks

When Americans were polled by Coldwell Banker to see what makes a smart home, 65 percent of votes went to alarm systems and locks. Further research reveals that people just don’t want to deal with installing alarms and locks among the chaos of moving. If you want the best investment among smart home technologies, this is it! Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, security alarms and locks should be at the top of your list! These technologies will not only serve you for years to come by protecting your home and your family but will be of huge value to any home buyer!


Home Theater & Entertainment

Next after our top rated choice for Smart Home technologies is Home Theater and Entertainment. Before you think about converting that spare bedroom into a dedicated home theater, think about a potential buyer viewing your home. Home theaters can have a negative impact on resale value if it takes away from the home’s living spaces. Include wiring for the latest TV and surround sound technologies in your smart home renovations! Whole home and outdoor speaker systems are very popular for entertaining guests. Keep these tips in mind when planning your smart home renovations!


A Scottsdale Smart Home with bright energy efficient lighting


Energy Efficiency

A common area of interest among shoppers when in the market for a home in Arizona will be ensuring the home has energy efficient technologies. These technologies such as LED lighting and smart thermostats will be a gleaming highlight for those shopping for a Scottsdale Smart Home. LED lighting is one of the most popular ways to improve a home, it provides much brighter light, longer bulb life and lower power consumption costs. Smart thermostats are a very popular smart home technology in Arizona.  Smart thermostats save on heating and cooling costs by reducing usage when the home is vacant. These energy efficient technologies will be sure to help save you costs and be of value to potential home buyers.


American Construction & Renovation is a Scottsdale General Contractor that can help you with your Scottsdale Smart Home renovations! We have five stars from our clients on Yelp, Houzz and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If you want to discuss smart home technologies for your home, Contact us today to begin your project!

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