Pinterest Communication

Pinterest Communication: Why It’s An Important Tool

You may be thinking, What is Pinterest? Why is it important to me for communication? Pinterest is a social media platform that allows people to create named bulletin boards of their favorite things. This enables Pinterest Communication to be a very effective tool when working on a project with a client by visually communicating.



What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform used to discover photos. You can “Pin” photos to a board allowing you to create collections of photos related to the boards title. You can subscribe to see a user’s activity or can subscribe to a single board. This creates an ecosystem of sharing and discovery of photos that interest you. Businesses can leverage this ecosystem by posting their products to allow customers to directly buy them. Because home renovation costs can vary between jobs, contractors typically don’t post direct to buy pins. Instead they post pins of their previous projects for customers to pin to their boards. Individuals also post pictures of their own home or others that they photograph. This creates an awesome interactive way to get ideas for planning your home renovations.


Enhancing Customer Experience Through Digital Platforms

In Today’s digital age we have opportunities to create a better customer experience and better understand the customer’s desires. Before digital platforms customers were limited on discovering new ideas. Contractors are now turning to digital platforms like Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest to better interact with their customers. These digital platforms allow contractors to display their portfolios and provide clients ideas to implement into their project. As businesses continue to look to digital experiences to enhance customer experiences, Pinterest is one platform they should not overlook.


Pinterest Communication

Why Is Pinterest Communication Effective?

Pinterest allows clients to organize their ideas and present them to a contractor when seeking renovations or construction. If a particular idea is identified to not work exactly to the client’s desires the contractor can show various other examples. Or if a client is unsure of what they would like, the contractor can use Pinterest to show them ideas and even enable them to use Pinterest.. This kind of rapid availability to organized collections of specific styles, ideas and projects makes Pinterest a powerful tool. Every contractor should be using Pinterest to further leverage their reach and customer experiences.

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