Preserving In The Past: Historic Home Renovation

A Historic Home Renovation is an adventure with many surprises, it is as rewarding as it is difficult. With the right mindset and budget, your renovated historic home will increase livability and market value. Historic homes are known for their timeless design features and genuine appearance, are you ready to begin your historic home renovation adventure? We will go over some helpful tips to keep in mind when thinking about a historic home renovation.


An imperfect wood floor with many gaps

Learn to love a historic home and all of its quirks

First, you must learn to love a historic home along with all of its quirks. Something such as fixing a imperfect floor can become a very expensive project. So learn to love all of its imperfections, as it gives the home character and will save you money to spend on other renovations. A quirk becomes a fault when it is unsafe or degrades the livability of the home. Such as a floorboard that will give out soon. In the case of a bad floorboard try to find a matching one to prevent a full floor overhaul and to preserve the home’s historic character.


An old stove with various decorations around it in front of an old brick and wood wall

Continue building upon the character of the home

Begin your renovation adventure by understanding the home’s character. Research the time period of the home, the building style and the type of materials used. This will help ensure you keep a cohesive look for the home when making renovations. This valuable research will also help when designing the interior of the home after your new renovations. To retain the character of the home, ensure your preserve flooring, masonry and unique design elements of the home. Preserve old items in the house such as a stove or shelf to be repurposed as a decoration elsewhere.


A worker performing a task on a historic home renovation

Leave it to the pros for major historic home renovations

While you may be able to do a particular renovation, historic home renovation have many factors that you wouldn’t normally have to consider. Environmental hazards such as lead paint, popcorn ceilings, rotted wood and mold can hide within your home. You should not deal with these hazards on your own. These hazards must be dealt with properly by a professional. Attempting to handle these issues on your own can cause more harm than good. Find out more about the services we provide and how we can help you on your historic home renovation.


A worker replacing a tile on a work

Where do I start a historic home renovation?

The first renovation on your mind should be to protect the home and prevent any future damage. Replace or inspect the roof, ensure there are no leaks that could allow water to cause damage to the interior of the home. Introducing modern amenities to your historic home should be next after protecting the home. Modern amenities like new electrical wiring, HVAC and appliances will greatly improve its livability. These renovations will prevent future issues, save you money on your electrical bills and provide the amenities of a modern home.


A water damaged room undergoing demolition

Ensure you have padding in your budget

Historic home renovations can easily jump from under budget to over budget in the blink of an eye. More than likely you will find something during your renovation that requires replacement or fixing. Every time you tear down a wall it is a surprise, be prepared for unexpected costs and delays if a fault is found. A good solution to help with planning a budget and timeline is to get an estimate or perform an inspection on the home.


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