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The Ever Evolving Kitchen

The ever evolving kitchen has continuously changed over hundred of years, and now history has repeated itself. The kitchen originated as a large space to socialize with guests as food was prepared. It was eventually changed to be more practical to use and compact enough to fit into ever shrinking city homes. The kitchen became a small confined space to reduce time spent moving between drawers and cupboards as well as fitting into the city home’s small footprint. Once again the kitchen has become the premier space in the home for socializing, and entertaining guests as food is prepared. The most noticeable change of the kitchen is its size and purpose within the home.


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Size and Purpose

The kitchen originated as a place for social gathering, and entertainment while food was prepared. When people began to move into city, the size of houses decreased. Forcing kitchens to become compact and practical places to cook. No more should kitchens simply be a place to prepare food to bring to a dinner table. The modern kitchen is spacious, stylish, well lit with a large island. The modern kitchen must be spacious for guests and homeowners to move about comfortably. No more can a kitchen be lit with a single overhead light. The open spaces of the modern kitchen must be complemented by adequate lighting. Informal dining tables has been switched out for large kitchen islands creating a more usable space within the home. The size of kitchen will always be driven by advances in appliances and technology.


The ever evolving kitchen

Appliances and Technology

Evolution of the kitchen has always been fueled by advances of appliances and technology. The revolutionary introduction of gas stoves and refrigeration changed the kitchen forever. As technology improves and prices drop, once considered commercial amenities are now finding their way into more and more homes. Double ovens, large sinks, and overhead hood ventilation are now commonplace in the home kitchen. Today’s energy efficient lighting solutions make the heat radiating, energy hungry lighting a thing of the past. LED lights bring bright, energy efficient lighting to your kitchen. It is important to consider your appliance’s requirements and style when designing your kitchen to ensure a practical layout and cohesive style throughout.

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The Ever Evolving Kitchen’s Style

One thing is for sure about the ever evolving kitchen, design styles come and go. We see new styling trends appear in the kitchen every year and just as quickly disappear. However, we believe minimalistic, functional and timeless kitchen designs withstand the test of time. A few trends currently taking over kitchens are stylish back splashes, under-cabinet lighting and minimalistic design features. These additions are a must have when remodeling your kitchen. When looking forward to the future, we expect to see more technology in the kitchen and continued use as the place to entertain your guests. We hope you enjoyed this article and invite you to contact us if you have any questions about remodeling your kitchen!

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