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A Home Theater

Designing a Custom Home Theater

Bringing the cinematic experience of a modern movie theater to your own home is becoming ever popular in the Scottsdale and Phoenix Valley market.  Creating an entertainment experience truly unique to your home is an incredible opportunity to add value to your home and set your home apart from others.  Many homeowners who opt to build a home theater often have a specific vision in mind and specific technical goals for the theater.  We offer expert advice and seasoned contractors within this realm to achieve your vision.  Whether you’re looking to have recessed audio, custom lighting, custom projection, millwork, theater style seating, and/or bar options, we’ll guide you down the right path to fit your budget and create a truly incredible space for you to enjoy.

Design to Fruition

Throughout the home theater construction process, American Construction & Renovation will provide real-time updates, schedules, and deadlines.  We will work with you to ensure your vision is captured based upon budget parameters set forth.  Since this space is designed for entertainment, we will ensure that the construction process is exciting and intuitive, we want this to be an enjoyable space from start to finish.

‘Living’ Your Dream

Upon completion of your home theater construction, your dream will become a reality.  Your decision to construct a custom home theater has now added significant value to the property, created a more usable space for you and/or your family, and created a product that YOU were a part of.  We look forward to enabling you to achieve your goals.

Contact American Construction and Renovation today to plan a custom theater for your home!