Scottsdale Home Additions: Investing In Your Home

When deciding which home renovation will provide the best value, consider a home addition. Home additions have a high return on investment due to the appeal of increased living space. Additional living space means more family or guests can stay in the home. We will discuss which Scottsdale Home Additions give you best return on your investment!

What Scottsdale Home Additions have the best return on investment?


Second Story Addition

When you can’t expand out, you can expand up! The most expansive and valuable home addition you can perform is adding a second story to your single story home. A second story can provide multiple new living spaces including master suites, bedrooms, bathrooms and lofts. Providing a major boost to your square footage, thus increasing its appeal to large families. If you already have a second story or are unable to build one, the next best is a bedroom addition.


Bedroom Additions

Bedrooms expand the living capacity of the home, making your home appealing to large families. There are two common methods when adding a bedroom addition to a home. The first method is to convert an unused space into a bedroom. The other method is to expand outward from the homes original footprint. The first method will be much more cost effective, however not all homeowners have unused space to convert into a bedroom. As you increase the amount of bedrooms, you want to ensure your home has enough bathrooms.


Scottsdale Home Additions Bathroom

Bathroom Additions

Nothing is worse than a home with not enough bathrooms. Bathroom additions ensure everyone has a place to get ready and unwind in the bath after a long day. Full bathrooms are much more appealing and valuable than a half bath, consider a full bath if you have the room to build it. Keep in mind that bathroom additions do typically cost more than bedrooms due to additional plumbing and amenity requirements.


We hope you learned some valuable information about the best home additions to invest in! American Construction & Renovation is a Scottsdale General Contractor that can help you with your Scottsdale Home Additions! We have five stars from our clients on Yelp, Houzz and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If you want to discuss a home addition for your Scottsdale home, Contact us today to begin your project!

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