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Design concept showing a home addition

Making the Call

Deciding to add-on to your home can be one of the most rewarding decisions you can make which is why you should employ experienced contractors to complete the job.  Adding-on to your existing home requires in-depth planning, contractor-to-client communication, adherence to timelines, and an overall attention to detail.  Turning your vision into a reality requires an honest, reliable, licensed contractor to follow the build from start to finish.

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Combining ‘Existing’ With ‘New’

Whether you intend on matching the existing façade/style of your home, or creating a uniquely separate structure, American Construction & Renovation will ensure that your project is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.  Fulfilling zoning requirements, building codes, and HOA parameters, while still meeting the overall design vision you have in mind is why you call American Construction & Renovation.  Our competent contractors are well versed in home additions, we understand the complexities of adding-on to pre-existing structures and have the tools necessary to accomplish the task no matter how large or small the project may be.  We will offer sound advice to ensure that your addition is practical, usable, and durable.

*Source: http://www.remodeling.hw.net/cost-vs-value/2016/mountain/phoenix-az/ 

Developing the Plan

Once we’ve established the vision for your addition, we’ll develop a plan.  During this phase, we will take into consideration any specific design requirements for the builds, themes set forth by the HOA, purpose of the addition, and expected timelines.  This is designed to be a transparent process between contractor and client.  It is our obligation to disclose information and insight regarding your vision to ensure that time and money are saved during the construction process.  Homeowners that initiate a home addition project without a clear plan are often subject to unexpected costs, change orders, and headache as a result of not utilizing a contractor whom is looking after their best interest, as well as the client’s bottom line.

Completing the Plan

American Construction & Renovation will ensure your project is completed to the highest standards within the industry.  Once we break ground on the project you will be engaged in a highly transparent, professional environment.  We understand your duties and obligations with family, career, and lifestyle, we’ll ensure the process is painless and forthcoming.

‘Living’ Your Dream

Upon completion of your home addition construction, your dream will become a reality.  Your decision to construct a custom addition has now added significant value to the property, created a more usable space for you and/or your family, and created a product that YOU were a part of.  We look forward to enabling you to achieve your goals.

Contact American Construction and Renovation today to begin planning an addition to your home!