Interior Design Basics: Elements Of Style

What are the Elements Of Style?

Seven elements make up the key components of Interior Design, they are the Interior Design Basics you should know before starting a home renovation!

How do the Interior Design Basics help me with my home renovation?

Understanding the Interior Design Basics will give you an advantage when planning your home renovation. As they will allow you to convey your design ideas better to the contractor working on your home renovation. You can make detailed design decisions before talking with a contractor to reduce time spent planning with them.



The most important of the interior design basics to start with, space is viewed in either 2D or 3D. Think of two dimensional space as your standard top down floor plan and think of three dimensional space as a 3D model of a home’s interior. There are elements of space, positive space which is a physical object such as furniture or negative space which is an empty area. Space is about balance, balancing your design with positive space and negative space is key to ensuring a great look. You can enhance your space by adding or removing structure or ensuring a good balance by adding or removing furniture as needed.


The atmosphere of the home is set by lighting, either natural or man-made. Without good lighting you won’t have a clear view of the other elements. Colors, patterns, lines and shapes won’t be as vibrant as they could with good lighting. Softer lighting creates a more relaxed environment while brighter lighting promotes liveliness. You can enhance your home’s lighting by adding additional fixtures, or natural lighting via windows or skylights.


Eyes follow the lines could not be a truer statement for the interior design basics. Lines form the basis for your home’s look and feel. They work hand in hand with shapes to create the interior space’s visual cues. Horizontal lines create the illusion of a more spacious interior, while vertical lines increase the perception of the area’s height. You can creating the feeling of a larger interior space just by adding lines in your home’s design!


Breathing life into an interior space is the job of colors. Colors are responsible for melding together the interior space. The same as lighting colors have have a dramatic impact on your emotions. Brighter colors are more energetic while darker colors can mute emotion. Different hues of lighting can change colors, warmer lighting will introduce more yellow and cooler lighting will increase the blue tones in your home. You can enhance your home by changing your color scheme, painting walls or finding matching furniture.

A New Bathroom Remodel


Where lines are two dimensional, shapes are three dimensional. Shapes come in two distinctly different types, man-made and natural shapes. Man-made shapes are rigid, functional and symmetrical, common of home construction. Natural shapes follow cues from shapes found in nature, such as curves and asymmetric shapes. When designing a remodel or addition to your home ensure to add natural some shapes to your home to balance with the man-made shapes. You may also increase natural shapes in your home by adding decor such as lighting fixtures, sculptures and shaped furniture.

A shower backsplash showcasing patterns found in interior design basics


Cascading or repetition in design is known as a Pattern. Like texture, patterns add an appealing look to an otherwise boring surface. The most common place you’ll find patterns is in wallpapers, paint designs, back splashes and fabrics. Adding a few throw pillows with a pattern bring can help bring patterns to your home.


Tactile look and feel is supplied by textures. Texture is a great way to add an interesting appeal to a smooth surface. To improve texture in your home consider adding masonry walls, textured drywall finishes, flooring and countertops. You should also pair structural textures in your home with textured furniture such as textiles.


With your new found knowledge about the Interior Designs Basics, you can now better understand what makes a successful design. When you are ready to make these changes consider American Construction & Renovation. Contact Us Today to bring a fresh design to your home! AC&R is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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