2018 Home Design Trends: What We Know

What Do We Know About 2018 Home Design Trends?

2018 is shaping up to be a hot year in exciting home design trends! From High Ceilings to Sliding Barn Doors, there is something for everyone. American Construction & Renovation has already completed many projects featuring 2018’s hottest trends during the first part of 2018. Now it’s time to find out what we know about 2018 Home Design Trends, starting with stunning floor to ceiling windows!


2018 Home Design Trends: Floor to ceiling windows

Floor To Ceiling Windows

A great way to really open up your home and provide gorgeous outdoor views is with the addition of floor to ceiling windows. What once use to be an expensive renovation has become more budget friendly with increased demand and better production efficiency. Floor to ceiling windows bring the sights of the outdoors into your home. Making them a very appealing renovation for the scorching Arizona summers. They also provide copious amounts of natural lighting to really brighten up your home, which is our next trend on the list!


2018 Home Design Trends: Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting

At American Construction & Renovation we have already completed several jobs throughout the beginning of 2018 that feature natural lighting additions. Natural Lighting Skylights are a very popular choice as they not only let in beautiful natural light but also are energy efficient, allowing you the option to not flip on the lights during the day. We expect to continue fulfilling client requests to add natural lighting in their home renovation project. A great pairing with natural lighting is high ceilings and an open floor plan!


Higher Ceilings & Open Floor Plans

These two trends complement each other as one effects the other. As you start to remove walls in your floor plan the ceilings tend to look higher. You may also choose to include vaulted ceilings in your renovation project to further enhance the spacious feeling of high ceilings. The spacious feeling of high ceilings mean that you can include beautiful ceiling beams without feeling like they crowd the space. Now for a trend that closes off spaces, sliding barn doors.


Sliding Barn Doors

They continue to be one of the hottest trends in the industry to give your home a unique look. Sliding Barn Doors can be used for many different purposes. We typically install them to replace closet doors and to seclude a space such as an office. They provide a simple and budget friendly way to add one of the latest trends to your home! Another great budget friendly trend is the addition of a back splash in your kitchen or bathroom!



There is nothing like a beautiful backsplash to accent a bathroom or kitchen. Backsplashes come in many colors, shapes, patterns and sizes providing you with almost unlimited design choices. Being the lowest cost addition in our list, backsplashes are an excellent way to add 2018 home design trends to your home!


American Construction & Renovation is a Scottsdale General Contractor that can help you bring 2018 home design trends to your home! We have five stars from our clients on Yelp, Houzz and the Better Business Bureau (BBB)Contact us today to begin your project!

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