Custom Home Construction

American Construction is a design-build general contractor that can design any plan for new construction on any lot from flat to hillside.

Custom Scottsdale Home Architect

American Constructions field team has developed relationships with the area’s most respected subcontractors and vendors, allowing them to fulfill our commitments without hesitation. Wherever American Construction builds we hold a Certified Building Contractor license is available to address construction matters and meet with you on-site. American Construction doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty and they really are with every client every step of the way.

American Constructions overall commitment to continual quality improvement is the foundation of every home we build. Let us take the opportunity to thank you for considering American Construction.

American Construction is an award-winning builder that has developed a solid reputation for quality construction for over a decade in Arizona. Our team strives for the opportunity of bringing clients ideas to fruition; Our clients homes go from our basic cad home floor plan to their first neighborhood barbecue and we’re with you every step of the way!

Founder and Builder Austin Richardson has developed a passion for building at a young age and a desire to follow in the new way of building. His vision is realized in building each home according to his his ideas rooted in quality and style. His legacy continues to this day. Building on the foundation of integrity, quality and process. Austin continues to improve the home building experience by implementing new technology and streamlining his high quality construction with efficient client communications using online technology. They run their business on relationships and value the opportunity to earn every clients trust.

An enhanced experience for our clients begins by having direct contact with the principles during the entire process. We want you to feel that you are part of the process and that you can rely on their team to build exactly what the client wants. Our aim is to provide every client with a transparent view of the home building process while it is being flawlessly executed.

In the planning stages, we help they client visualize each detail of the project. American Construction works together to create the best possible form and function of every design. American Construction updates the progress of each project with technology that allows every client to witness each stage as it is completed. When finished, American Construction allocates the time to show you how each feature of your home should be properly cared for to give your new home longevity.

Efficient Arizona Building

Living in Arizona is paradise for most people. No one ever has to worry about cold weather, snow and the problems that brings. It is necessary to keep the interior of homes as comfortable as possible (especially in the Arizona Summer).

We take energy efficiency extremely seriously for two reasons. First, building energy efficient homes saves our homeowners thousands of dollars a year. Having an energy efficient home makes the most financial sense for you and your family. Second, using energy efficient building techniques and appliances reduces our homeowners’ energy footprint and is environmentally responsible.

At American Construction, we focus on two main avenues of maintaining energy efficiency: Construction and Appliances.

Energy Efficient Construction

Many people don’t realize, but most energy is lost in homes that have been poorly constructed. Doors, windows and walls all offer opportunities for energy (in the form of heat) to penetrate the interior living environment or escape it. When you want to make sure that your HVAC system is not working overtime to heat or cool the outside, this is very important.

We use the most current building technologies to make sure that your home does not lose energy in this way. These technologies include, but are not limited to:

  • Low “E” Impact Double Pane Insulated Windows. These windows also aid and provide discounts on your home insurance.
  • Spray Foam Insulation. Spray foam insulation prevents the heat/cold from entering the attic spaces, thus creating a complete seal of the home. Green home benefits include energy efficiency, no loose fiberglass, and cleaner air quality.
  • 1 Foil Wrap Exterior Walls. These walls literally prevent heat transfer from leaking or penetrating through the walls. In short, we seal your cool air in and keep the hot air out.
  • Insulated Fiberglass Doors. Windows and doors are the greatest sources of energy loss. Our doors seal tight and reduce energy loss.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Our construction is designed specifically to prevent the unnecessary loss of energy inside of your home. Our appliances are designed to use the least amount of energy possible to maintain all of your living and comfort standards.

We have carefully selected these appliances and work with companies that offer the most technologically advanced energy efficient products on the market today. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Energy Efficient Tankless Water Heater. These water heaters can heat water more quickly and efficiently for a larger demand than other water heaters. That means in the morning when everyone is getting ready for school and work, you won’t be taking cold showers or waiting for the water to heat up.
  • High Efficiency Carrier HVAC System. Of all the parts of your house, in Arizona, this is the most important. It does exactly what its name implies: Provides cool, clean air with high efficiency.
  • Various Water Saving Faucets and Showerheads. Water conservation is extremely important to our future. You’ll never have to worry about water pressure with our manufacturers, but behind the scenes, they do everything they can to save water.
  • Other Energy Efficient Products. Technology changes all the time. We are constantly looking for the latest technologies for our appliances. Contact us to find which appliances we are currently using.


Austin Richardson, our founder, maintains enduring relationships with top architects, designer and subcontractors. American Construction continues to collet luxury residences and remodels in the Arizona market, while continuing to increase the size of our team and broaden our geographic footprint. In brief, we’re ready to build with you.

Building together is what we do. It takes willing collaboration, mutual understanding, professional skill, profound experience and complete dedication to achieve the optimal results for our clients. All of us share a common belief in open, candid communication with the people we build for and with each other. That transparency has a tangible benefit to every project and every relationship we’ve established.

We have been creating Arizonas’ most recognizable luxury homes for the last decade – much longer than most home builders in Arizona. We develop luxury, custom homes at the most coveted addresses in prestigious gated communities and hillside neighborhoods in Arizona.

Satisfaction is Our Priority!

What matters most to us is the complete satisfaction of each and every American Construction homeowner. Many families have entrusted us with the construction of a custom home capturing their individuality, while eliminating the hassles and stress often associated with the process.

Owner Austin Richardson and a core group of senior management executives oversee the best building, financing and design team in Arizona. Our entire team of professionals – from administration to construction and financing – have decades of experience and a common dedication to customer service.

Building a custom home in Arizona is one of life’s milestones. We are dedicated to making it an enjoyable and exciting experience – one that parallels your life here and will continue to create those “aha!”, “pinch-me!” moments years later.

Custom Scottsdale Home Building Materials

Our Custom Home Construction Building Process

First Stage

Location. Location. Location.

You have heard it before, but it is true; your selected home site location matters a great deal for many reasons. Align your priorities and develop a clear path, be it the golfing, shopping, the arts, hiking or some other amenity that is important to you. There are several ways to narrow your homesite selection.

Stage Two

Open Communication

Take enjoyment in the development of your new home, engage in open communication and enjoy the experience of having your new personal residence designed and constructed by a competent team of experienced professionals you will find at American Construction. We listen to what you have to say and ask the right questions that assist in building a strong relationship based upon trust, respect and competence.

Stage Three

Welcome to Our Design Studio

American Construction experience has enabled them to develop a customer process that assists in the visualization of the proposed home and brings the desired finishing levels to life. American Construction’s Design Studio has been put together to assist the homeowner is establishing the desired standards for the home and then in turn the actual finishes.

Stage Four

Capturing Your Vision

American Construction’s team capability enables us to develop Conceptual Designs or complete working drawings prior to entering a Construction Agreement with a home buyer, depending on the scope of the home. Transforming the information gathered from previous meetings and discussions enables us to develop a home design that depicts your vision.

Stage Five

Plans and Specifications

The Construction Agreement is the result of the efforts put forth by the entire team culminating in the construction documents that describe the work to be performed by American Construction’s team of professionals.

Stage Six

Customized Digital Color Book

With the professional guidance of the American Construction Color Selection Consultant, the Four (4) Phase selection process has been simplified by providing many finishing visual aids to the on site Design Studio. This process will ultimately culminate in a digital color book that represents the selections made with the Color Selection Consultant and Picture book of selections.

Stage Seven

Where Vision Becomes Reality

We are about to transform this early visionary idea to reality. The culmination of these thoughts and emotions is about to start and take form as a fully personalized custom residence. The homeowner will no doubt experience a range of thoughts and ideas during the process. The American Construction team is there to be with you throughout the journey.

Stage Eight

Always a Call Away

There will be times during construction that the homeowner’s presence will be vitally important, there will be times that the homeowner simply wants to take in the experience and realize the personalized fruits of their effort.

Final Stage

Your Home. Your Way. Welcome.

It started with an idea and a vision. It led to a decision on where to build your home, an affirmation of your lifestyle. The vision then transformed to a Arizona home on paper. In many ways, it consumed your thought process; it created a level of elated concerns not often experienced in life. With American Construction at your side at every step of your journey, it is now a reality. It is distinctly YOURS. You have arrived at the much anticipated final stop in your American Construction customer journey. Welcome home!

Custom Home Construction

American Construction began building luxury homes in Arizona with the desire of being synonymous with honesty, fine craftsmanship, quality materials, timely completion, and attention to detail, which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction. Through the years, these principles have earned American Construction a reputation for excellence in the homebuilder community in Arizona. We invite you to view our House Plans online and Gallery to see the quality and feel the elegance first hand.

American Construction is a veteran owned and operated builder in Arizona.


The quality of each American Construction home can also be seen in the exceptional appointments. From lighted art niches to multi-level tray ceilings, we incorporated a variety of architectural elements into every luxury home. The extraordinary attention to upscale detail has earned American Construction many design and residential construction awards.


Just as important as the details that go into building each home is the confidence is knowing your home will be completed in a timely manner. American Construction prides itself on the company’s long standing reputation for timely completion.


The success of American Construction is due, in large part, to the deep roots in the building industry. With more than 16 years of homebuilding expertise. American Construction incorporates a technology-oriented, consultative team approach into the homebuilding process. Prospective homeowners can be assured of making a wise decision when choosing American Construction.

The foundation behind American Constructions success is the belief in the principles of honesty, quality, and timely completion, which ultimately lead to customer satisfaction. From your first meeting with Austin or any member of their trusted sales team, you receive up-front pricing and a realistic time frame for completing your new home. American Construction is a fully transparent builder so you do not have to worry about money being lost in translation but knowing exactly how much everything will cost in all stages of a build.


Time is taken to explore your needs and present every option available. We avoid many of the obstacles that can slow down the building process by assigning a team of construction and design professionals who work closely with each homebuyer from the time the contract is signed until the keys are handed over.


This customer focused approach to homebuilding is shared by our suppliers and subcontractors. American Construction offers homebuyers the assurance of outstanding craftsmanship by aligning ourselves with companies who meet our high standards of excellence. We choose only premium materials and products, and many of our suppliers and subcontractors have been with the company for many years.