Choosing Quality over Quantity

Home Renovations: Quality Over Quantity

When looking at performing home renovations, you may be tempted to go for multiple renovations rather than a few well done renovations. This is not always the best use of your budget. Focusing your budget on fewer higher quality renovations usually results in higher satisfaction. We will discuss what to consider when looking at quality over quantity when it comes to home renovations.

Why is Quality Over Quantity so important?

The best way to approach the question of why Quality Over Quantity is important is to look at value. Value is your increased happiness and increased resale value resulting from the home renovation. Working with the industry for over 20 years in Arizona we can say customers are more satisfied with the value added from quality rather than quantity. You may get more for your money with quantity but you may not get more value.



Have a small budget but want to do a lot of renovations? Don’t, choose less renovations that will have a higher quality result rather than spreading your budget thin across multiple renovations. Our customers are usually happier with fewer more high quality renovations than they are with more renovations with lower quality materials.


Custom Scottsdale Home Building Materials


You want to ensure you are making well thought out decisions when it comes time to pick out materials for your build. Higher quality materials not only look fantastic but they last much longer than lower cost alternatives. It’s a great idea to thoroughly research your materials and the manufacturer to ensure you are getting a quality product! What’s better than good materials? A good quality contractor to build a long lasting renovation.


Custom Scottsdale Home Architect


It is always best to choose quality over quantity when it comes to working with a contractor. You should expect work that is built to last when choosing a contractor. Picking a contractor with the lower quote and reviews to get more work done isn’t the ideal way to cut cost. Your choice in contractor should be a high priority when allocating your budget. The last thing you want to do is focus on a few renovations, with great materials to have a poor result due to a bad contractor. Make sure to properly vet a contractor before deciding on them, reading reviews and reviewing their previous work

American Construction & Renovation is a Scottsdale General Contractor that can help you choose the best renovations! We have five stars from our clients on YelpHouzz and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If you want to discuss quality home renovations, Contact us today to begin your project!

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