Custom Scottsdale Home Building Materials

Custom Scottsdale Home: Planning Your Perfect Home

The most important takeaway before starting the adventure of building a custom home is planning. Why is planning the most important part of building a custom home? Because changing something on paper is a lot cheaper than halfway through a home build. We will go over the most important things to remember when planning your Custom Scottsdale Home.

Why is extensive planning important for my Custom Scottsdale Home?

Custom Scottsdale Home Building Materials

Plan a vision for your home

Before you start consulting an architect, you need to gather your thoughts into a concise vision of your perfect home! There are five important pieces of information you should have ready for your architect. You may even gather photos to share with your architect so they can have a visual understanding of your vision.

Building Materials

If you have particular or preferred building materials in mind, ensure to have those ready for the architect. If you need help selecting building materials check out this article compilation listing the many building material options you have.


The size of the home is important as it determines the number of living spaces possible and how open the home will be. Also you should have a general idea of where the custom home will be built so the architect can work around your lot constraints when you purchase it.

Number & Types of Rooms

The number of rooms and types of rooms is important so the architect can include them in their blueprints. This will also allow the architect to design a functional layout for the home. This also includes deciding if you are going to build a multi-story home or specific layout requirements.

Design Style

You need be able to give your architect the design style you have in mind so they can incorporate it into the design of your home. This ensures a concesive design style throughout the home’s exterior, interior and decor.

Your Budget

You should have a rough budget going into your custom home build, your architect will need to know your budget in order to make suggestions for your price range.


Custom Scottsdale Home Architect

Finding an Architect

When you have collected your thoughts into a concise vision for the perfect home, it is time to consult an architect. The biggest constraint is the lot, that is why it is important to begin the conversation with an architect before buying a lot. As an architect will be able to work with the unique characteristics and restrictions of a lot. When you have finalized designs with the architect they will provide you with blueprints for a builder and some recommendations of where to begin your search.


Custom Scottsdale Home Builder

Finding a Builder

The last step in planning your perfect home is finding a builder to build it! While this may sound like a relatively easy part of the planning process, it most definitely is not. You will need to scour multiple builders to find the perfect one. You will be looking up reviews, finding references and looking for their completed homes. A rule of thumb when deciding on a buyer is getting an estimate from three different builders. When you feel 100% about a builder and have triple checked the estimate it is time to sign a contract with them. Make sure the contract is the most detailed as possible, down to the model numbers of the appliances and fixtures.


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