American Construction & Renovation Attending NAHB IBS 2018

American Construction & Renovation is attending NAHB IBS 2018 to learn about and offer the latest products, materials, technology to our clients.

What is NAHB IBS 2018?

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) hosts the International Builders Show, an annual trade show in Orlando, Florida for home builders. The world’s most influential suppliers, manufacturers and builders will converge on January 8th through 11th to display what lays ahead for home builders in 2018. It is an excellent opportunity for American Construction & Renovation to learn about and see first hand what products, materials and technology we have available to offer to our clients in 2018. We look forward to bringing back this knowledge to our clients to guide them with their home construction and renovation projects this year.

What does American Construction & Renovation look forward to bringing back from NAHB IBS 2018?

American Construction & Renovation wants to ensure our clients are receiving the absolute latest and greatest in construction & renovation. By attending this event we continue our dedication to offering our clients the latest building products, materials and technology. So lets get into what do we expect to see during the show:


NAHB IBS 2018 Products


Ductless air conditioning, floor to ceiling windows and vintage lights are just some of the products we predict to see in during the show. Ductless air conditioning units are more energy efficient than traditional air conditioning units. As the demand for floor to ceiling windows continues to raise, we expect to see many manufacturers displaying their latest offerings. Vintage lighting is making a come back in 2018 and we expect to see many examples that will be available this year. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on our coverage of the NAHB IBS 2018 show!



We expect to see brighter color palettes, heavier use of sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood and concrete accents. Brighter and more intense colors will be trending in 2018 to accent your home. Reclaimed wood accent walls are really taking off and we expect to see a lot of it at the show as a sustainable building material. Concrete has always been a popular material but Houzz says this year we will see more of it as an accent in homes. We are excited to bring back the knowledge of how to implement the latest in building materials in your project for 2018!


NAHB IBS 2018 Technology


We look forward to learning about the new Energy Efficient and Smart Technology emerging this year. We expect to see cheaper solar panels such as Tesla’s Solar Roof. A low cost roofing option that features solar cells. Heavier use of Smart Thermostats and more inter-connectivity of smart home devices as smart hubs become more prevalent. Smart Thermostats will not only provide the perfect temperature when you need it but also limit use when you are away saving energy. As more and more tech companies get into the smart hub fray. We expect to see more devices become connected throughout the home making life easier. We will discuss the amazing technology available this year for your home after we return from NAHB IBS 2018!

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