Serving Arizona for 20+ Years

A Veteran owned company specializing in: Commercial Projects, Full Home Remodels and New Home Construction.

Why American Construction ?

American Construction is a veteran-owned and operated business specializing in Custom Homes, Commercial Buildings, Resorts & Parks. We pair technology with grass-root, craftsman experience, enabling our clients to engage in an intuitive, efficient construction process. We ensure our clients maximize their dollar while maintaining the highest degree of precision in our process.

American Construction – Intuitive. Efficient. Innovative.


American Construction  is a licensed, bonded and insured General Contractor. We are a management company with all the right people all the way to specialty contractors and installers that have top quality and certified craftsmanship.


American Construction can be reached anytime and any where. With our innovative cloud based systems in place our customer will always see what is going on at the job as well as getting all their questions answered quickly.


We treat every project like it’s our own home. We bring in only the best labor and expertly check each job before delivery. More importantly, we are on-site to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.

Meet Our Team

Austin Website Headshot

Austin Richardson


Austin built his reputation as a market leader in Residential construction and Commercial building by delivering high quality results and earning the trust of satisfied clients through American Construction. Austin knows the value of keeping his word and maintaining strong relationships with clients and his team members. The core group of skilled tradespeople and subcontractors who help Austin build his award-winning custom homes as well as Commercial buildings where they bring custom home quality and detail to the commercial marketplace. Austin’s passion is bringing the next generation of technology and implementing it into every project. With Austins experience as a builder and his interests in the newest technology. You can rely on American Construction to be the most innovative builder in the World.


At American Construction, we pride ourselves on cost effectiveness, intuitive technologies, and client satisfaction. We employ top-rated sub-contractors, craftsman, architects, and engineers to achieve all of your construction goals while maintaining close adherence to build timelines. Through implementation of reliable technologies, we are able to streamline the design, execution, and roll-up of our projects, ultimately saving our clients time, funds, and energy.


American Construction is devoted to delivering the highest quality craftsmanship; we are also devoted to being stewards of our community. Upon completion of all projects, large and small, we donate a percentage of our earnings to multiple Charities. Together, we create an environment that fosters growth, quality, and selfless service.


You can always lean onto American Construction. Our team of professionals will help you turn your dream home or flat into a reality fast.


American Construction is the design-build company that oversees every aspect of your construction project.

Although the American Construction Team can’t add more hours to the day, they do the next-best thing by building your home with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. They will initiate, retain and manage all the professionals involved in the construction of your custom home, including the architect and interior designer. They will orchestrate a construction process centered on your convenience, which gives you more time to enjoy life.

Homeowner relationships and company operations are the focus of Austin Richardson. He communicates directly with the on-site management crew to make sure every request is fulfilled. By remaining mindful of budget, timetable and open communication, American Construction creates a showpiece your family will love now – and for generations to come.


Austin Richardson has always been dedicated to honesty, integrity and high quality. Not only did he build his company on these principles, but also his family. Today that heritage informs every decision we make at American Construction.

We want to sleep well at night. And to do that, we have to do the right thing during the day. So as we push the envelope with our innovative design choices and material selections, our team never veers from the American commitment to realistic budgets, on-time delivery and great communication. That’s how we gain and maintain the trust of our customers – which is my ultimate goal.

Your family is making a significant investment in a custom home. So I need to ensure that you feel comfortable putting your trust in us. Mutual trust allows us to have a successful collaboration. By spending time with you in person and on the phone, I get to know your style, your likes and dislikes. That knowledge is what makes it possible for us to create the house of your dreams.

My goal, as your sole point of contact with American Construction, is to make building a custom home fun, exciting and easy. We have worked very hard to create a system that allows you to enjoy the process, without feeling overwhelmed or burdened. On the day when we hand you the keys to your new house, I want you to walk in and say “Wow.” I want your expectations to be exceeded, and for your house to be everything you hoped for.

I look forward to meeting you.


Austin Richardson

Brandon Website Headshot

Brandon Yost


Brandon prides himself on his ability to tackle complex dilemmas with critical deadlines.  He has earned a reputation of transparency and reliability within the Residential and Commercial construction markets.  He has acquired a diverse set of skills and knowledge lending from his background as an Officer in the United States Army as well as over 8 years of cumulative experience in residential/commercial construction operations & management.  Brandon and Austin have developed an organization that values it’s clients and maintains stake in their ‘best interests’ because they understand the value that good-business practices lend in the success of the group rather than the individual.  American Constructions success has not been granted, but rather, earned through the hard-work and dedication to duty that many competitors fail to accomplish.

Brandon holds a Bachelor of Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a Master of Science from Grand Canyon University. He maintains high expectations because he understands the business fundamentals required to achieve success within the industry. American Construction will continue to push-the-needle in order to become the most innovative builder within the residential and commercial construction markets.

Whether we are building your home, commercial structure, or renovating your dwelling, it is my duty to ensure that the process is completed to the highest standards within the industry, while implementing the resources required to achieve success. My desired end-state is that American Construction completes your project with the utmost emphasis placed on quality and efficiency in order to protect your investments while fostering growth within the community.


Brandon Yost

Custom Homes

American Construction is a design-build general contractor that can design any plan for new construction on any lot from flat to hillside.

High-End Full Home Remodels

American Construction offers full home remodels, additions, casitas and guest houses for any project.

Innovative Commercial Construction

American Construction has years of experience working in Commercial Projects. Our intuitive, efficient and tech construction process will ensure a quality and lasting Commercial build.

Production Home

American Construction has a library of pre-designed homes ready for any lot a client has. They can also help with finding a lot to build on.